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The 21st century design studio for the milennial entrepreneur.
UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design for NAAZ Collective

From being trendy to modern, from proving a point to being bold, Naaz is a collective that offers India’s most premium clothing.

UI/UX Design
E-Commerce Website Design for MooiBox

MooiBox sends out beauty samples handpicked, tailored and shipped

UI/UX Design
WebApp Design for Fitness Platform, Krama.

Krama tailors personalised, one-on-one sessions to get you in shape from the comfort and convenience of your home, office or on-the-go.

Brewing a new brand identity for Roast Berry

We crafted the brand identity and visual design language for Delhi-based coffee company,
Roast Berry.

Beauty Subscription Boxes for Women by MooiBox

MooiBox sends out beauty samples handpicked, tailored and shipped

Branding for Fashion Collective, Naaz

From being trendy to modern, from proving a point to being bold, Naaz is a collective that offers India’s most premium clothing.

Brand Strategy
Hit the ground running with brand positioning and go-to-market strategies tailored to work for you, your brand, your customers and stakeholders.
Core Identity
We work with you to define your brand’s core identity, personify it, and give it a voice that can be heard loud and clear by your customers, wherever they are.
Brand Applications
From food packages that fly off grocery store shelves to business cards, letterheads and brochures that project your brand’s core identity — we design it all.
Custom Illustrations
Need a design for a project your awesome project? From infographics for social media to doodles for your office wall, our mission-ready team of illustrators have you covered.
Our in-house iconographers give your website, mobile and desktop applications a consistent look and feel with bespoke icons tailored to match your brand’s visual identity.
Retail Design
Thinking of setting up shop at that next big expo? We craft retail experiences tailored to help you tell your brand’s story and get your message across crystal clear.
UX Research
We help companies conduct primary and secondary research, heuristics analysis, and user testing for hypotheses validation.
UI Design
We deliver functionally clean, minimal and pixel-perfect web and mobile app interfaces that provide for engaging, intuitive and delightful end-user experiences.
UX Prototyping
From low-fidelty wireframes to pixel-perfect high-fidelty prototypes — get a look and feel for your awesome product before commiting to a full-scale development exercise.
Email Templates
Email templates that delight and deliver. We design and develop email templates for your brand that render perfectly in every inbox each time, every time.
Website Design
Create a lasting impression for your brand online through engaging content and intuitive, crisp interactions tailored to resonate with your target audience.
Presentation Design
Professional presentation and pitch deck designs to help you get the point across in the fastest and most stunning way possible so that both you and your ideas shine.
Versatile and intellectual

I've had over a hundred custom labels designed by them and Zickr has made each design visually pleasing, while maintaining consistency across all the designs. They have helped my brand countless times and I hope to continue working with them.

Kunal Gupta
CEO, KPG Agro Foods
I was shocked how fast the turnaround was for some of the ideas that we pitched to each other.

I got my website design, branding and packaging design done from Zickr. I wasn’t very aware of the technical requirements for building a brand. Manu personally helped me throughout the whole process and the team was very professional- following the briefs and timelines perfectly. It was stress free and a smooth process getting my website up and running. I loved the end result. Thanks team Zickr!

Sahee Wasan
Founder, MooiBox
Quick iterations and easy communication

Very satisfied with the package designs! I want to thank Zickr for all the design contributions they have made for my company.

Rahul Nandwani
Founder, RomanaPasta
Understand your business and users to uncover breakthrough insights.
Explore insights to form a strategic plan to impact objectives.
Implement the plan through innovative design solutions.
Gather user feedback to test the effectiveness and iterate.

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